Proposal management, the Chaedrol approach

June 6, 2019 Jason Bakke 0 Comments

Clear communication, formal and informal, is critical to coordination across a project team. The thinking goes, as teams grow in size and complexity, they require more-formal communication and hardened governance for command and control.

The reality is few proposals are as complex as an RFP for an aerial refueling tanker, for example, and many proposal teams waste time and effort to achieve a false sense of “management.” Long proposal evaluation times divorce the award decision from the immediate memory of the effort, and consistent application of “proposal management rigor” results in a routinely painful process. Every win is hard fought, as is every loss.

The Chaedrol approach is different—grounded in the judgment of our practitioners, with experience both developing and evaluating federal proposals. Rather than task masters with a checklist, we work with your people on their terms—whether they can write full narrative sections or bulleted approaches, or require coaching and interviews to develop content.

We set a review cadence for meaningful iteration of the proposal, and we take each review as an opportunity to reidentify the best resource to recover each section, recognizing the skill need shifts from technical to communication as the draft matures. Our substantive editors thread win themes through a proposal, a demand too often placed on technical experts wrestling with developing the approach.

Finally, we edit and format using industry-leading practices, such as paragraph and character styles in Microsoft Word and the GPO Stylebook.

We help with business, price, and cost volumes, too. Want to know more? Contact us.

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