Troubles with Schedule negotiation?

December 16, 2020 Jason Bakke 0 Comments

Schedule issues, like the solicitation, are evergreen.

To the surprise of no one, Jason Miller goes deep over at FedNewsRadio on complaints that GSA’s pricing negotiations for labor category rates are often inexplicable and not seemingly based on a company’s commercial sales practices.

A couple people go on record, including Aronson’s Jennifer Aubel, who said three clients with $115 million in Schedule revenue had to cut rates to secure contract mods.

Also on record, Shepperd Mullin Jonathan Aronie: “I’ve seen multiple clients accept wholly unfair pricing demands just because GSA is holding their schedule hostage as a big solicitation is coming down. … Most companies just succumb to the bullying. It scares them to push back. Contracting officers just threaten with no renewals, and the idea of fighting with an important customer doesn’t work with some people.”

There may or may not be updated FAS guidance on Schedule pricing; GSA will neither confirm, nor deny.

Some may remember that industry advocates were pushing GSA to abandon Schedule-level pricing in favor of competition at the order level to set fair and reasonable pricing. GSA went the opposite direction.

A worthwhile read for anyone with a Schedule, which is most everyone.

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