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There are many process-focused proposal managers, who schedule color teams and assemble drafts. With complementary skill sets, these professionals can be valuable members of the business development enterprise.

A client, however, may have needs beyond effective coordination, whether those be reality-testing the solution story or weaving differentiators across both the technical and business volumes.

An effective proposal communicates to each of its diverse audiences—deep readers and skimmers, subject-matter experts and executive decision-makers. While the proposal is a technical, not marketing, document, it must integrate and reflect your capture investment and prove your approach, qualifications, and key personnel in compliance with the solicitation’s response framework. We provide expert project management and substantive and copy editing skill honed over two decades’ communications experience, including copy writing for a Fortune 50 retailer and leading high-volume proposal departments.

Proposal management, pricing, GSA Schedule solutions

Chaedrol LLC infuses our capture and proposal services with deep knowledge of the federal acquisition system—statutes, regulations, and case law—to provide leading-edge, risk-based advice. We select and pull the pricing levers across fixed price, time and materials, and cost-type offers, to meet price-to-win with a superior technical proposal.

It is with this understanding that we design and defend competitive pricing models for clients’ GSA Schedules, negotiating new, and modifying and administering existing, contracts. Chaedrol develops compliance systems, for both GSA’s TDR and PRC schemes, grounded in tailored risk-mitigation systems.

Our promise

Acquisition integrity is our promise; we do what we say, with full transparency, bringing a risk, quality, and compliance focus to every engagement. Contact us.

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