Proposal solutions

Too often proposal development stands in ceremony—blind adherence to schedule, contentious and unfocused reviews, and a misunderstanding of win themes and compliance that weak, rather than strengthen, the draft.

The Chaedrol approach is grounded in our 360-degree understanding of the federal contract award process. In addition to helping offerors develop winning proposals, we help federal agencies design and execute preaward competitions, including developing RFPs and facilitating evaluation teams. This understanding, coupled with our read of federal protests, guides our proposal management to the highest value activities.

Further, Chaedrol understands how to best manage a proposal team’s stakeholders for results. Too often we have seen engineers told to integrate thematic win messaging into their technical drafts, wasting their time and enthusiasm while muddying the narrative. Through expertise at each stage in the process, Chaedrol eases your busy season with a flexible menu of services, including the following:

  • Solutioning
  • Pre-RFP proposal development
  • Solicitation shredding into a compliance matrix, proposal templates, and storyboards
  • Section writing and editing
  • Color Team facilitation and participation
  • Document recovery and rewrites
  • Copyediting and document production
  • Compliance checks and strategic consulting

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