Integrated acquisition, program, and information & technology management

Federal acquisition is bigger than contracting and procurement under the FAR; it is responsible stewardship of tax-dollars in furtherance of agency missions, requiring the coordination, input, and management of an interdisciplinary team of government, oversight and other stakeholders.


There are more than laws and regulations to navigate; there is governance, policy, and perception. By taking a holistic view of federal acquisition, Chaedrol helps programs, companies, and contracting shops improve performance by balancing innovation and compliance. Without management discipline and clear line of sight to each phase of the project life cycle, compliance becomes reactionary, ad hoc, and the source of rework, delays, and misaligned decision-making.


Chaedrol is an SBA-certified 8(a) federal contractor specializing in federal program management, acquisition management, and information and technology management. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Chaedrol helps federal buyers and sellers navigate acquisition friction to develop win-win solutions.

Acquisition management, including program management and contracting specialist support services
Information & technology management
Chaedrol providers bench strength or specialized expertise to help federal contracting shops meet their programs’ requirements. This includes full life cycle support or focused solutions targeting any phase of the contracting life cycle, such as preaward, postaward, closeouts, or financial analysis. Chaedrol’s holistic program management framework helps eliminate schedule risk through both deliberate and just-in-time planning.

Chaedrol helps programs to define their requirements and acquisition approaches before involving contracting. Through our holistic approach to acquisition package development, we help programs best take hold of the contracting process to achieve their desired outcomes.

Acquisition management

Contract specialist support, financial analyst support, purchasing officers, proposal evaluation, proposal analysis, cost analysis, proposal management, capture management, solution design

Program management

Project, program, and portfolio management; dashboards and reporting; performance management; key performance indicators (KPIs); quality (QMS); risk schedule, stakeholder, and change management; organizational design; strategy consulting

Information & Technology management

HSPD-12 and ICAM; information security; system engineering; system development; requirements definition; market research; business case development; acquisition assistance

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